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Promoting best practice

Our specifications are driven by our customers’ needs, not by ours, so we amend and alter our service to suit.

Our industry is governed by Acts of Parliament and Regulations via the Pesticides Safety Directorate, the Advisory Committee on Pesticides and the Health and Safety Executive.

These dictate mostly what we cannot do. But we think there is so much more to be gained by also focusing on doing what we can do and finding the best ways of doing it well.

We avoid chemical treatments and believe that the essence of good pest control is in the management of the environmental conditions in the workplace.

We have developed our own proven methods of controlling behaviourally resistant mice in factories and warehouses.

Promoting best practice

Health, safety, quality and analysis management

A full quality check is done at the end of each job, or as part of an on-going agreement.

  • Written risk assessments
  • Written Safe Working Practices
  • Copies of Insurance certificates
  • Membership of appropriate trade associations
  • Compliance with Health and Safety regulations
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