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Audits & Consultancy

Eliminating or managing long term infestation problems requires expert and practical direction. This is not always available from some pest control firms so some independent help can be useful and help both the pest controller and the customer.

Our approach is simple. We find where the pests are, and identify the reasons why the pests are present and causing problems. We will also endeavour to find better ways to solve the problem. A scientific approach using information and testing assumptions and conclusions leads to a deeper understanding of sites and the factors affecting infestations.

Using this approach means pests can be managed to extinction where possible, or an active and agreed action plan can be implemented to provide acceptable levels of control where conditions preclude full eradication.

Audits & Consultancy

Our service provides independent, constructive and realistic auditing

Our approach is holistic, looking at every element that contributes to the pest problems.

  • Positive outcomes
  • Compliance testing
  • Practical solutions to achieve defined results
  • Based upon real life pest control experience
  • Working with your site team and your contractor
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