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Rats & Mice

Rodents spread many diseases and damage electrical systems and stock. All of which have serious implications for product integrity and the safety of your staff.

Rats and mice probably cause more noticeable damage to stock, buildings and reputations than any other UK pest. There are always unexplained fires in the UK and some may well be caused by rodents stripping insulation from power cables.

In the industrial setting deep seated and widespread infestations can occur that may appear to be ‘clear’ when follow up visits are conducted but repeated sightings or worse still damaged stock sent out to customers tells a different story. We have become experts in dealing with the long term infestation as well as preventing infestation from ever becoming established.

We do not use non toxic food based bait to monitor - why would you feed them when you can control them with immediate effect and still know they have turned up? We have developed robust non-toxic but lethal monitoring systems should you need to avoid toxic bait in production areas.

A word about Rats & Mice

We have achieved remarkable success in controlling decades long infestations uncontrollable by others because as biologists we understand rats and mice and as expert pest controllers we exploit their behaviours more effectively than others. 

Rats & Mice
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