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Minimising environmental impact

When using pesticides there is always a risk to the user and those in the environment around.

The establishment of risk assessments and Safe Working Practice aim to ensure this risk is minimised and, in particular, contained. However our policy of minimal use of pesticides and control by environmental means ensures that the environmental impact of our services is as low as practically possible.

Perimeter Bait Boxes were initially developed as a sales tool. They have been widely accepted in the food industry, and most major food manufacturers actively specify the need for perimeter bait boxes.

Unfortunately they are not a very effective way of controlling rats in most situations. The the bait incorporates anti-coagulants and takes a long time to work (3-10 days).

We fully support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (Think Wildlife), and have accredited CRRU staff.

Minimising environmental impact
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