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Stored Products Insects

These moths and beetles breed in huge numbers in our food ingredients resulting in a significant number of foreign body complaints every year.

SPI control is all about understanding root causes and much less about applying chemicals. Serious SPI problems are often responsible for customer complaints and product recalls and so need to be taken seriously. Over the years we have eliminated long term and significant SPI moth problems from entire factories with our Field Biologist based services without the use of fumigation or large quantities of insecticide.

Our techniques lend themselves to Organic products but whether an Organic producer or not we can help you.

A word about Stored Products Insects

The very small merchant grain beetle can live 3 to 4 years. Adult stored product moths dont feed and only live long enough to mate and lay eggs.

Interesting facts

In ideal conditions the confused flour beetle can increase in number by 60 times every month. So if you start with 1, in three months you have 216,000.

Stored Products Insects
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