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Flyscreen & PVC Doors

Keeping pests out of buildings is the first step in any effective pest management program.

Installing insect proof screens on doors and windows or fitting strip curtain doors to cut down on birds, insects and debris entering a building will significantly reduce the risks posed by pests.

Precision Pest Management Solutions are able to provide these services. We will survey the site, and determine the best method of proofing the building.

We may use our authorised and specialist sub-contractors to install screens and we will ensure that the work is done to the high standards we expect.

Flyscreen & PVC Doors

Why choose Precision Pest Management Solutions?

Our family-run pest control company provides expert domestic and commercial pest control services across the UK, at competitive prices and we promise:

  • A completely discreet and confidential pest control service, driving unmarked vehicles
  • Humane pest removal service for a wide range of insects, birds and animals
  • Personal and friendly service from a local pest control company
  • Fast and responsive pest control in emergencies
  • Effective and lasting pest control solutions
  • Highly accredited pest control professionals
  • Competitively priced pest control
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