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Who we are

Precision Pest Management Solutions Ltd was formed in 1996 and the company has been growing ever since.

As a responsible organisation, you know the importance of having a proper pest management system. One that meets or exceeds current requirements and which reflects best practice in your industry. We believe that the essence of good pest control is in the management of the environmental conditions in the workplace.

As professionals in the field, our team can undertake a full analysis of your pest management needs and prescribe appropriate management systems. Because most of our clients operate within the food industry, we prefer to avoid chemical solutions.

Rather, we believe that the essence of good pest control is in the management of the environmental conditions in the workplace. Whether this is a production line or a warehouse, systems can be put in place to manage pests by making them uncomfortable.

Who we are

Professional pest management services

We can guarantee that all pest problems will be dealt with in the most humane and environmentally friendly way possible.

The senior managers of the company have each been in pest control for around 40 years and they have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with difficult pest problems. Their methods and systems have been trained out to Precision’s Field Biologists and Technical Officers, and this expertise has been used to good effect with clients who have had long term rodent or insect problems. 

Our ability to solve pest problems has taken us all around Europe, helping factories and working with local pest control companies to resolve pest issues and develop pest management strategies.

As a business, our methods and systems are based on the science of pest control and pest management and we are constantly developing and refining systems that are novel and highly effective.

Currently, our Branch network covers most of the UK, and all of our Branch Managers are BPCA Certificated Field Biologists and have many years’ experience in the field. All of our managers, including our Managing Director and General Manager still work in the field and retain a close relationship with our client base.

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