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Building Design Support

Getting it right first time is nowhere more important than initially designing and building a new property.

This is especially the case where the building will be housing manufacturing or high-risk materials. Done poorly, pests can exploit weaknesses in design and pose serious problems for the lifetime of the site.

Our expertise in resolving these problems has given Precision Pest Management some unique insights into how a building should be managed during the design and build phases. Simple things like ensuring that fly control unit power outlets are in the right places during first fix can save a lot of time and money later.

We can also provide a pre-handover inspection of the site, focussed on potential pest issues, so that these can be resolved before the construction specialists leave site.

If you are considering a new building, an extension or a significant alteration to your factory, we will be able to provide pest-specific advice to save you time and money later.

Building Design Support
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