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This is our primary service. Precision Pest Management was so named because we aim to provide precision services to the most discerning and demanding customers and is geared towards BRC compliance as a minimum and retailer requirements as standard.

By employing highly qualified staff to manage these higher risk sites, we ensure that the response to a pest issue is targeted and appropriate, and based on the information and data generated by our expert inspections. 

Our expert Industrial Field Biologists understand the target pests and will help you manage your site to prevent a pest occurrence, or resolve an existing pest issue often to extinction.

Whilst using pesticides is sometimes a necessary option we have achieved many successes by environmental management alone. Our biologists will assess your site, get to understand the root causes of the infestation through skill, knowledge and first class inspection and provide practical and cost effective advice and solutions. We can solve problems most cannot!


Why choose Precision Pest Management Solutions?

Our family-run pest control company provides expert domestic and commercial pest control services across the UK, at competitive prices and we promise:

  • A completely discreet and confidential pest control service, driving unmarked vehicles
  • Humane pest removal service for a wide range of insects, birds and animals
  • Personal and friendly service from a local pest control company
  • Fast and responsive pest control in emergencies
  • Effective and lasting pest control solutions
  • Highly accredited pest control professionals
  • Competitively priced pest control
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